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Alloro Africa provides Healthcare facilities with an integrated and ecological solution to their infectious medical waste management via onsite sterilisation, after-treatment disposal, and ongoing operational management of their infectious medical waste.

Through on-site frictional heat sterilisation technology, we have revolutionised the way infectious medical waste is treated and disposed of, while ensuring the well-being of humans and the preservation of Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems. By prioritising on-site capabilities, we have eliminated the need for transportation and external incineration disposal, resulting in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and environmental footprint.

Investment Needs

$11 000 000- $50 000 000
Investment Project Type:

Why Investing

Aligned with ESG Principles

Investing fully in line with the latest Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles, as approved by reputable organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Global Fund, and the United Nations (UN), ensures that your investment is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. This commitment not only reflects a dedication to global well-being but also positions your investment in companies that prioritize ethical practices, fostering long-term resilience and positive impact.

Solid Capital Return

Beyond its ethical standing, an investment aligned with ESG principles can also yield strong financial returns. Companies embracing sustainable practices are often better positioned to navigate regulatory changes, consumer preferences, and market dynamics. By investing in businesses committed to ESG, you not only contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes but also increase the likelihood of stable and competitive financial returns over the long term.

Huge Potential Market

The global market for sustainable and socially responsible products and services is experiencing exponential growth. As consumers become more conscious of their environmental and social impact, businesses adhering to ESG principles are tapping into a vast and expanding market. Investing in such companies positions you strategically within this burgeoning sector, providing exposure to a wide-ranging customer base and potential for sustained growth as societal values continue to shift towards sustainability and ethical practices.

Join us as we explore innovative financing solutions that will drive the transition to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy sources.


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