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4 Earth offers an innovative holistic product solution to address serious issues facing humanity and our planet, such as plastic pollution, unemployment, housing and education facilities shortages, gender inequality, and food insecurity. By leveraging recycled plastic and organic materials such as wheat straw, coconut husks, or similar, the company produces composite green building materials. These materials are utilised primarily in developing countries to construct highly affordable, sustainable, durable green buildings, including homes, clinics, classrooms, toilet buildings, and disaster relief shelters. 

4 Earth has the technology to utilise all 7 types of waste plastic packaging grades, which is a world-first. The company also produces a range of products such as decking, wall cladding, fencing, sheds, and carports. The commingling technology to produce the composite building products, replaces wood with organic materials, and subsequently does not contribute to deforestation, and gives farmers an additional income from their crops.

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Why Investing

Unique Market Opportunity

Investing in our project presents a unique opportunity as plastic composite building materials are not currently being manufactured in Southern Africa and are imported at high cost. 4 Earth’s products are maintenance free, more cost-effective and cheaper than alternative building technologies. By being the first to enter this untapped market, investors can position themselves at the forefront of a lucrative industry, offering a competitive edge and potential for substantial market share across the continent.

Ground-breaking Innovation

Investors can find confidence in supporting a venture led by a team with a deep-rooted and intergenerational experience with the global plastics industry including our Composite Formulations (“recipes”), our knowledge and technical engineering of the machines and the manufacturing production plant designs. By utilising all 7 types of waste plastic packaging grades enables 4 Earth to seriously address plastic pollution globally and this groundbreaking innovation positively impacts all 17 of the United Nations SDGs.

Strategic Relationships & Off-Take Agreements

4 Earth’s strategic relationships already include USAID, UNIDO, Prevent Waste Alliance and the German Ministry’s GIZ. With off-take agreements worth over $42 million over the next 2 years, investors of 4 Earth projects will not only benefit from a 35% RoR in year 2, they will also be able to demonstrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) by supporting our sustainable economic activities.

Why Investing

Cyle Varrie

Co-Founder & COO


Join us as we explore innovative financing solutions that will drive the transition to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy sources.


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