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Omnivat is a renewable energy technology start-up that has gained prominence through its success in the Milken-Motsepe Green Energy Competition.

Omnivat has developed a range of products to expand sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa.
These products include the Omnivat Green Market – a field-ready, factory-commissioned, containerised, smart microgrid with a hybrid energy storage system (hydrogen and batteries).
Omnivat’s Green Market provides 60kWh of electricity per day (1-2kWh/household) and can leverage swarm technologies.

In contrast to traditional microgrids which deliver only electricity, Omnivat’s Green Market unlocks the productive use of electricity, by using hydrogen systems to produce clean drinking water and efficient design to enable refrigeration.

A communal marketplace hosts the Green Market system, supporting economic activity between local traders and the community, and facilitating digitalisation through wi-fi access.

Investment Needs

$8 000 000
Investment Project Type:

Invested Value to Date:

$100 000

Why Investing

Social and Climate Impact

Omnivat enhances the economic potential of rural or underserved households by providing 1–2 kWh per household per day. Our modular, rapidly-deployable solutions will expand access to reliable, affordable, sustainable electricity in Africa.

Cutting Edge Technology

Omnivat is at the forefront of hybrid energy storage (combining hydrogen and battery storage) and swarm technologies, reducing energy loss risks and enabling scaled generation. Omnivat’s bespoke site management app reduces technology risk by enhancing system efficiencies and enabling remote monitoring, maintenance and control.

Pan-African Technical Team

The Omnivat team has a combined 60 years of engineering and project execution experience in various industries, across 4 continents. Our combined experience ranges from offshore drilling, water treatment, construction, electrical, mechanical, automation, software development, human-centered design, and sustainable development consulting. Our team is composed of 5 members with diverse backgrounds which represent various corners of sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa, DR Congo, and Tanzania).

Join us as we explore innovative financing solutions that will drive the transition to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy sources.


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