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Aftrak is revolutionising African agriculture by combining solar microgrids with tailored tractors.
This initiative aims to boost smallholder farmers’ incomes and crop yields while providing clean electricity to rural communities. The purpose-built tractors, powered by solar energy, optimize farming processes, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Aftrak’s commitment extends to addressing energy poverty by electrifying underserved regions. In essence, Aftrak represents a beacon of empowerment, seamlessly integrating technology to uplift smallholder farmers and drive sustainable development across the African landscape.

Investment Needs

$1 000 000 – $10 000 000
Investment Project Type:

Invested Value to Date:

$500 000

Why Investing

Social Impact and Poverty Alleviation

Investing in Aftrak presents a unique opportunity to contribute to significant social impact. Aftrak’s mission of bringing people above the subsistence line by providing access to electricity in off-grid communities has the potential to transform lives. The project aims to address a critical need, particularly in regions where access to electricity is limited. By investing in Aftrak, you are not only making a financial investment but also supporting a venture that seeks to improve the quality of life for many individuals, fostering sustainable development and poverty alleviation.

Comprehensive Expertise

The strength of Aftrak lies not only in its mission but also in the expertise of its well-balanced team. The inclusion of experts and innovators from diverse fields ensures a holistic approach to the project. Whether it’s technical aspects, project management, or innovative solutions, Aftrak’s team is equipped to navigate the complexities of electrifying off-grid communities. A well-rounded team enhances the likelihood of successful project implementation, reducing risks associated with potential challenges. Investing in Aftrak means aligning with a team that has the knowledge and skills needed to execute the project effectively.

Market Potential and Sustainable Growth

Aftrak’s focus on electrifying off-grid communities taps into a substantial market with vast untapped potential. As more regions seek sustainable energy solutions, Aftrak is positioned to capitalise on this growing demand. The combination of a socially impactful mission and a competent team increases the likelihood of long-term success. Investing in Aftrak provides an opportunity to be part of a venture that not only addresses a pressing global need but also has the potential for sustainable growth and positive returns as the project expands its reach and impact.

Join us as we explore innovative financing solutions that will drive the transition to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy sources.


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