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With the imminent rise of electric vehicles (EVs), the necessity for accessible travel on every road becomes apparent. Presently, EV drivers face limitations when venturing beyond major cities due to the absence of charging stations.

In response, we are pioneering the development of a nationwide intercity rapid electric car charging network, designed to be 100% off the grid, independent of Eskom, and environmentally sustainable. Our innovative approach integrates green technologies, predominantly relying on solar power supplemented by green hydrogen generators.

Currently, we have approximately 100 sites in various stages of land approval, with hundreds more in the pipeline. This strategic expansion aims to redefine the EV landscape, making long-distance travel a seamless and eco-friendly experience for all.

Investment Needs

$51 000 000 – $100 000 000
Investment Project Type:
Equity & Grant

Why Investing

Supporting a Green Initiative

Investing in this project aligns with and supports a green initiative. By contributing to environmentally sustainable practices, the project helps mitigate the ecological impact of traditional industries. Investors can take pride in being part of a venture that promotes a cleaner, greener future, addressing global concerns related to climate change and environmental degradation.

Economic Benefits for South Africa

The project is crucial for South Africa’s economy, creating jobs and fostering economic sustainability by reducing reliance on oil imports, potentially saving around R300 billion annually. Additionally, by promoting Electric Vehicle (EV) integration, it positions South Africa to align with the global shift away from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), ensuring competitiveness and adherence to international trends.

Excellent Return on Investment

Investors can anticipate an excellent return on investment from this project. The combination of contributing to a green initiative, fostering economic growth, and aligning with the inevitable transition to EVs, positions the project for financial success. The promise of an excellent return on investment adds a compelling financial incentive for investors looking for a combination of profitability and positive societal impact.

Join us as we explore innovative financing solutions that will drive the transition to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy sources.


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